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Author Archives: Noor Hameededdin

Arab Americans’ Identity

By: Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer         The Arab community is a growing minority in the United States. The Arab American population is estimated at four million and is spread in all states, but primarily concentrated in Michigan, Illinois, California, Houston, and New York. Most Arab Americans who immigrated were highly educated professionals … Continued

Arab Americans Getting Together

By Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer The Arab American community is an emerging minority in the United States. Many members of the community find it easier to assimilate into the American White society simply because the majority is racially identified as White Caucasian. However, the democratic American system and freedoms are designed to embrace diversity … Continued

10 Wonders of the Arab World

By: Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer The Arab World is rich in human history and ancient civilizations, which resulted in man-made wonders, indicating productivity and creativity of the people of that region. Other than the popular Great Pyramid of GIZA, in Egypt, here are 10 other jewels that give pride for being Arab ancestors. 1. … Continued

Arabic Sayings Hardly Expressed in English

By: Noor Almoshin/Arab America Contributing Writer Having a hybrid culture could be confusing sometimes. For Arab Americans, there are some Arabic sayings that are hard to translate into English. In many cases we find ourselves saying the Arabic expression because there isn’t an English statement that delivers the same intended meaning. I thought of these … Continued

Why Arab Americans Like to Eat Lentils

By Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer In Arab cuisine, lentil is one of the major beans used in dishes. Whether in soups, with vegetables, or simply bread. It is one of the ancient crops originally found in the near East- Central Asia. For thousands of years, lentils have been used in Indian and Middle Eastern foods. … Continued

10 Arab American Female Activists

By: Noor Almohsin/ Arab America Contributing Writer In modern civil societies, activism is a basic activity for influence, change, and freedom of expression. Arab American women have proven their role advocating for causes they believed in, encounter or simply support. This article sheds light on 10 female Arab American practiced their right to advocate and … Continued

10 Unifying Factors Shared in the Arab World

By Noor Almohsin/ Arab America Contributing Writer The Middle East, which is the region located in Southern East Asia and Northern Africa is known to be the Arab World. This area has common features that play role in unifying the people there. Historically and today the destiny of that region is interrelated and affects one … Continued

Queens of Arabia Felix (The Happy Yemen)

By: Noor Almohsin, Arab America Contributing Writer The Yemen Republic today was a piece of heaven on earth. Historically, the southern of the Arabian Peninsula was known as Al-Yemen Al Saeed (The Happy Yemen). It was called so because of its geographic and climate nature:  rainfall, valleys, and rivers. Yemen was a fertile ground capable … Continued

11 Behaviors of Arab Americans in Times of Illness

By: Noor Almohsin/ Arab America Contributing Writer Arabs, who have a collective and high context culture, tend to value family and large groups. This becomes more apparent during both happy and hard times. This article lists a number of behaviors Arab American families do in times of illness. 1. Use heat To many Arab Americans, … Continued

Arab Foods and Hot Drinks That Will Keep You Warm this Winter!

By: Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer In winter, people try to stay warm in every possible way. Wearing warm clothes, layering, or simply staying in a heated place can help them keep warm. However, most Arab elders strongly believe that food is what really keeps the body warm, from the inside out. Therefore, most Arab … Continued

15 Arab Americans Who Stole the Spotlight in 2017

By Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer There are Arab Americans achievers in various fields. As a community, it has a number of accomplished members who do well to themselves, community and the society.  Arab Americans have a high rate of education nationally compared to other groups, and those achievers are among hundreds of them if … Continued

7 Things Palestinian Americans Really Want for the New Year

By: Michaela Schrum/Arab America Contributing Writer 1. End to the increased violence in Palestine Mohammed Sami al-Dahdouh was shot in a protest near Gaza City, marking the 15th Palestinian teenager shot since President Trump’s decision to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. 2. Protests…and more protests… Political scientists of the day say … Continued

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