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Author Archives: Noor Hameededdin

World Condemnation of Trump’s Decision Regarding Jerusalem

By: Noor AlMoshin/Arab America Contributing Writer Donald Trump made his decision to relocate the U.S Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Although the status of Jerusalem has not been settled by the Palestinian Authority and the occupying State of Israel, Trump made his decision unilaterally and virtually killed future bilateral negotiations and peace talks. Jerusalem … Continued

Most Common Items Arab Americans Bring Back From the Arab World

By: Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer  Travelers always like to carry things that remind of the place they visited. The number of these items grow when they return from visits to their home countries. Arab Americans, in particular, tend to carry many different things whether gifts for family and friends or for personal use. This … Continued

Grandmother’s 10 Alternative Medicinal Recipes from Yemen

By: Noor Almoshin/Arab America Contributing Writer We all call our mothers when we get sick, and sometimes we rush to grandmothers when moms are not around or are unable to think of something that helps. This list reveals some natural recipes that a typical grandmother from Yemen would provide for treatment. As an Arab American, … Continued

What Does Veterans’ Day Mean to Arab Americans?

By: Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer In any society, there are those who sacrifice their lives to defend their countries and protect their people. Over the years, with all military missions the US has been involved in, there has been an increased number of American veterans. Among them, are Arab Americans who serve in the … Continued

Respect for Religious Pluralism in Islamic History

SOURCE: ALARABIYA  Dr. Tayyeb Tizini Wednesday, 1 November 2017 The Pact of Umar was a ‘treaty’ forged during the conquest of Jerusalem more than 1400 years ago, at the beginning of Islamic history. It contributes to laying down the foundations of coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims. In it are answers to most contemporary issues, such … Continued

The 10% of the Arabs who Struggle to Leave their Homeland

By: Noor Almohsin/Arab America Contributing Writer At The Arab Center Washington DC conference on the 26th of October, Rami Khouri, a Professor of journalism at the American University of Beirut (AUB), discussed the dismantling of the Arab World. He said we should no longer say the Arab World; instead, we should say the Arab regions because they face … Continued

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