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Caftan Du Maroc USA
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Event Management Solutions is an independent association who thrives to promote cultures. We believe that all cultures are distinguished and need to be reporters of truth in the world, and we want to encourage them to broadcast that truth by whatever means may be appropriate.

Event Management Solutions is focused on exhibiting the work of the finer designers and aims to support communities, churches and nonprofit organizations by sharing the wealth of the culture and donating from its sales proceeds. They are designers selected from the many applications we receive for their potential to promote the culture through their imagination and workmanship.

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Center for Arabic Culture (CAC)
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The mission of the Center for Arabic Culture (CAC) is to promote Arabic Culture and the Arab-American experience through education and the arts
Among our goals are to:

Become the main resource on Arabic and Arab-American culture in New England for educational institutions, nonprofit and governmental agencies, and the community at large.
Open cultural exchange channels of dialogue between the Arab-American community and the greater New England community.
Empower Arab-American youth in celebrating their culture, and help its integration into the US cultural fabric including theater, music, and community service.
Encourage Arab-American and international Arab Artists by creating a forum for them on a local and national level.
Promote the Arabic Language through our Arabic School, a public school immersion program in Massachusetts, and other programs within the Center.
Acquire a facility that would house a library, a school, the arts programs, and other educational programs, to become a cultural home for the Arab American community.

Our programs are focused on four major activities:

Visual Arts: Exhibit, document, and promote art about the Arab world.
Performance Arts: organized concerts, dance, and theater productions.
Scholarly Activities: Organize lectures, conferences, and workshops focused on Arabic culture, history, and the Arab-American experience.
Arabic Language: Designed an Arabic language program that enables children and young adults to experience the beauty of the Arabic language.

CAC Arabic School
The school focuses on academic excellence and cultural empowerment. Through its language curriculum, community service, and cultural programs, the school is committed to providing a nurturing environment of diversity and respect. The school committee and teachers are qualified and dedicated to providing a strong and comprehensive curriculum. The school offers youth (ages 5-16) and adult classes; students are placed depending on age and Arabic fluency. Classes are kept small to allow for an excellent learning environment.

CAC is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Donations are tax exempt.

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