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Team New Jersey--Yalla Connect!

Team New Jersey--Yalla Connect!

Date(s) - 08/20/2023
1:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Palestinian American Community Center


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Arab America

As part of the Arab America Foundation’s mission to connect and empower Arab Americans, we invite you to join Team New Jersey at the Palestinian American Community Center (PACC), 388 Lakeview Avenue, Clifton, NJ, 07011.

Join us at this exciting gathering where you’ll have the chance to meet the Co-Founders, Warren and Dr. Amal David, from Washington DC. Together with their grass-roots network, they are the driving force behind a nationwide movement that has achieved remarkable growth. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to be a part of this impactful initiative for Arab Americans. Delicious refreshments will be served as we come together to embrace this momentous movement.

The event begins at 3:00 pm and ends at 4:30 pm. Admission is Free.

Please confirm no later than Thursday, August 17th.

For information call: 877-272-2944

Donations are always welcome to the Arab America Foundation, a non-profit (501c3) cultural and educational organization.


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