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Author Archives: Maddie Rula

5 Reasons Why There’s Still Hope With the Arab World

By: Maddie Rule/Arab America Contributing Writer Most news coming out of the Arab world today tends to be bleak. Conflict, famine, and refugee crises have plagued it in recent years, and it can be easy to lose hope. But not everything in the Arab world right now is grim. Here are 5 reasons why there’s … Continued

Youngest College Graduates in America: Danya and David Hamad

By: Maddie Rule/Arab America Contributing Writer A year and a half ago, a story broke about Danya Hamad, a Palestinian-American teenager from Columbus, Ohio, who was set to become the youngest college graduate in the U.S. The then-high-school sophomore had spent the past two summers taking dual credit courses at Columbus State’s Regional Learning Center, … Continued

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