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Author Archives: Nour Mohamed

Egypt Finds New Gold Mine in Eastern Desert

By: Noureldin Mohamed/Arab America Contributing Writer On June 30, 2020, Egypt’s Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources revealed the discovery of a gold deposit with estimated resources of 1 million ounces. The asset was found in the mineral-rich Eastern Desert, on a mining concession run by state-owned Shalateen Mining Company. The government did not provide … Continued

Eight Egyptian Female Writers You Should Check Out

By: Noureldin Mohamed/Arab America Contributing Writer Literature in the Arab world is one of the most important aspects of the culture where writers and authors express their ideas, opinions, and values. Specifically, writing in Egypt is a popular way of expressing freedom to critical issues at home and abroad. Arab American Contributing Writer, Noureldin Mohamed, … Continued

Football in the Arab World, European championship, & World Cup 2022

By: Noureldin Mohamed/Arab America Contributing Writer In the Arab World, football has been halted in countries like Egypt. Egypt’s COVID-19 toll of infections has risen to 14,229 with 680 deaths. However, Egypt’s Prime Minister, Mostafa Madbuly, has said that football could return in mid-June. On the other hand, a division two soccer player has turned … Continued

The Unknown Pyramids of Egypt

By: Noureldin Mohamed/Arab America Contributing Writer What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of Ancient Egyptians? The Great Pyramids of Giza? Sphinx? Tombs? Well, there are also other hidden treasures that you may not have known about. The Ancient Egyptians were brilliant innovators and great builders. From measuring time … Continued

Economic History and Trade Routes of Arabia

By: Noureldin Mohamed/Arab America Contributing Writer The Arabian Peninsula has seen a vast transition from Ancient trade routes to modern business centers—let us look at the ancient trade routes of the Arab world. The vast expanse of Arabia is mostly taken up by the Arabian Desert, one of the largest and driest in the world. … Continued

How Can it Get Worse for Lebanon? Revolution, the Pandemic, Refugees, and the Economy

By: Noureldin Mohamed/Arab America Contributing Writer Another one of our Arab gems located on the Eastern Mediterranean shore, Lebanon, is in chaos. Famous for its ethnic diversity, beauty, and rich history, Lebanon is having another rough year in 2020. Corruption, austerity, unemployment, recession, and sectarianism brought Lebanon’s stability to its knees. It all started when … Continued

20 Egyptian Scientists You Should Know About (Episode 1 of 2)

Map of Egypt.  Photo: Britannica Introduction: Egypt has been prominent in every aspect of innovation, science, and technology. Although people think of archaeology and ancient ruins when they think of Egypt, it is much more diverse making its Arab and World presence quite important. In this article, we get to meet some of Egypt’s 20 … Continued

‘Exotic’ is Not a Good Term to Describe Arabs

By: Noureldin Mohamed/Arab America Contributing Writer We often pass by the term ‘exotic’ when we, as Arabs, are described or even depicted in movies and TV shows. That seems to be the only positive notion besides the negative ones in which ‘terrorists’ seem timelier, especially after the 9/11 attacks. However, it appears that the word … Continued

Why Was Kuwait One of the Most Hard-Hit Gulf Countries by COVID-19?

By: Noureldin Mohamed/Arab America Contributing Writer  Cases of COVID-19 has surged in Kuwait, as the state approached its second week of lockdown. The official lockdown began on May 10th and ended on May 30th. However, Kuwait seems to have one of the highest coronavirus cases in the gulf and across the world. With 28,649 cases … Continued

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