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Cuisine of Comoros

posted on: Dec 17, 2021

Cuisine of Comoros
Some examples of the wonderful cuisine in Comoros. Photo: Sporcle

By: Claire Boyle / Arab America Contributing Writer


Comoros is a nation of islands, and it is also the only country in the Arab League that is in the Southern Hemisphere. Comoros has beautiful tourist sites, lots of interesting histories, and cultures behind it, but did you know because of its multicultural heritage, it also has a rich cuisine as well? In this article, discover some of the delicious and mouthwatering dishes that are part of this country’s wonderful cuisine that is informed by the cultural influences of “Arab, French, and East African” gastronomy. Here you will discover some of the essential spices, ingredients, and key dishes in Comorian cuisine. Join me for an exciting trip to Comoros!

What Makes Comorian Cuisine Distinct?

Cuisine of Comoros
Langouste a la Vanilla (Lobster in Vanilla Sauce). Photo: International Cuisine

So, what makes the cuisine of Comoros so distinct? The cuisine is unique because it encompasses so many different cultural influences, plus its ingredients and spices can be put together to make quite aromatic and delicious dishes. To start off with, Comorian cuisine utilizes the enchanting spices of “clove, cinnamon, cardamom, nutmeg, and even vanilla which is sometimes poured over even rice-based dishes.” Many of these spices are ones that most would expect to find in an American baked good; however, in Comoros, these are found in many of their wonderful main-dish dinners.

Furthermore, most Comorian dishes consist of these exquisite ingredients including “plantains, bananas, cassava, meat or fish, goat, beef is only used for special occasions, and locally-caught cod, crab, and lobster are all widely eaten.” As one can see, Comorian cuisine is very diverse in both its main ingredients and the beautiful spices that are part of its gastronomy.

Most Popular Dishes of Comoros:

Cuisine of Comoros
Mshakiki, one of the most popular dishes in Comoros. Photo:

So, if you were ever to travel to Comoros, and by the way, the country is considered to be quite a safe place to visit which means you should totally check it out! So, in the event, that you are traveling to the Arab World, and decide to stop over in Comoros (with a visa which is required for entry, of course), perhaps you’ll want to know what the most famous dishes are in Comorian cuisine to experience the culture through food.

Well, if that is you (or you just want to learn more about this wonderful cuisine), then you are in luck! Comoros has many famous dishes, but these five are considered the crown jewels of Comorian cuisine! Come along with me for a little trip to Comoros to learn more about their amazing food!

Inafliton Lemai:

A favorite snack to try in Comoros is called: “Inafliton lemai which is made with breadfruit (similar to jackfruit), salt, and coconut oil.” It is made by frying the breadfruit in the oil, drying it on towels, and then it is also salted.

Le Me Tsolola:

Cuisine of Comoros
Le Me Tsolola. Photo: SOOP

Le Me Tsolola: a favorite Comorian stew that is made of “fish and meat cooked in coconut milk, beef, mahi-mahi, oil, tomatoes, onions, and seasonings.”

Would you like to try making Le Me Tsolola for yourself, please visit SOOP’s website here for a wonderful recipe!

Mkatra Foutra:

Cuisine of Comoros
Mkatra Foutra. Photo: Foreign Fork

Mkatra Foutra is considered the national bread of Comoros. It is made with “flour, water, salt, eggs, active dry yeast, coconut milk, butter, and sesame seeds.”

For a wonderful recipe for Mkatra Foutra, please see Foreign Fork’s recipe here!

Langouste a la Vanilla (Lobster with Vanilla Sauce)

Cuisine of Comoros
Langouste a la Vanilla (Lobster in Vanilla Sauce), the national dish of Comoros. Photo: International Cuisine

Langouste a la Vanilla is considered the national dish of Comoros, and one can definitely see why! It is made with “South African lobsters and vanilla beans, butter, olive oil, shallots, white wine, vinegar, Vidalia [sweet] onions, clover sprouts, and spinach.” This dish is definitely the star of the show for Comorian cuisine and is presented brilliantly. It is also delicious!

To learn how to make this incredible dish, please visit International Cuisine’s website here!


Cuisine of Comoros
Mshakiki (beef skewers). Photo: YouTube

Mshakiki is considered to be another favorite of Comorian cuisine. I mean, who doesn’t love beef skewers, just sayin’?!!! These wonderful beef skewers are made with interesting ingredients such as, “ginger paste, garlic paste, grated papaya, chili powder, turmeric, oil, tomato paste, lemon juice, and curry powder!”


Cuisine of Comoros
The beautiful island scenery of Comoros. Photo: TripAdvisor

Thank you for joining me on this phenomenal trip to experience the delectable tastes of Comoros, the only Arab League country in the Southern Hemisphere! It is one of a rich culture, history, cuisine, and oh, so delicious foods! Your tastebuds will love Comorian cuisine! Enjoy your mini-trip to paradise through the wonderful tastes of food from Comoros!

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