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Volunteers Needed - ICNYU takes on Hunger!

Nov 1, 2017 - Dec 27, 2017

NEW YORK, NY     ICNYU has partnered with the Zakat Fund and Muslims Against Hunger to prepare and serve 150 - 200 hot meals(...)

Cappella Romana: A Byzantine Christmas: the Sun of Justice

Dec 17, 2017 - Dec 17, 2017


Chanukah Action: Stand against Islamophobia and racism

Dec 17, 2017 - Dec 17, 2017

MIAMI BEACH, FL The moment couldn’t be more important for us to come together to rekindle our commitment to justice. Where: the menorah on Lincoln(...)

Women's Brunch: Vision Boarding and Goal Setting

Dec 18, 2017 - Dec 18, 2017

Clifton, NJ   Join PACC and WAFA House for our monthly women's gathering. Monday, December 18th for Vision Boarding and Goal Setting with Sara Mallick.(...)

Cam'ron at The Middle East Downstairs (December 21, 2017)

Dec 21, 2017 - Dec 21, 2017


St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church: A Holiday Collage Concert

Dec 22, 2017 - Dec 22, 2017

The St. Elias Antiochian Orthodox Church presents A Holiday Collage Concert to benefit Fellowship Matters & the Good Samaritans of St. Elias. Featuring the National Arab(...)

2017 MAS-ICNA Convention

Dec 28, 2017 - Dec 28, 2017

CHICAGO, ILLINIOS   Join thousands of American Muslims and attendees from around the world in an environment that gives you the chance to learn more(...)

Arabic New Year Eve 2017/2018

Dec 31, 2017 - Dec 31, 2017

BOYNTON BEACH, FL Aarabic New Year Eve Party in Florida USA Food Hookah Full Bar
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Latest news

Album Review: Arab Indie Music Heroes Release an Album Reveling in its Contrasts

Dec 17, 2017

SOURCE: THE NATIONAL BY: SAEED SAEED Lekhfa is a super-group project in anything but name. The album is a result(...)

Enjoy the Show: Students Explore Nuances of Syrian Culture, Language

Dec 17, 2017 SOURCE: DAVIDSON BY: BRIDGET LAVENDER Visions of the past, present and future of a nation play out on television(...)

Bombed into Famine: How Saudi Air Campaign Targets Yemen’s Food Supplies

Dec 17, 2017

  SOURCE: THE GUARDIAN BY: IONA CRAIG At 11.30pm, 10 nautical miles off Yemen’s western Red Sea coast, seven fishermen(...)

A Tasty Look at Coexistence

Dec 17, 2017

SOURCE: THE JERUSALEM POST BY: JESSICA HALFIN The A-Sham Food Festival – a celebration of regional Arabic cuisine, finds a(...)

Who Invented Hummus?

Dec 17, 2017

Everyone from the Greeks to the Turks to the Syrians have Tried to Claim It. SOURCE: BBC BY: DIANA SPECHLER(...)

Israel's Says Jared Kushner’s Middle East Peace Plan will Fail without Saudi Arabia's Help

Dec 16, 2017

SOURCE: NEWSWEEK BY: CHRISTINA MAZA Update | Jared Kushner is the president’s handpicked envoy to the Middle East, but Saudi Arabia is(...)

The Jerusalem Announcement Won't Really Hurt America's Arab Alliances

Dec 16, 2017

SOURCE: THE ATLANTIC BY: SHADI HAMID Most Arab countries won’t care much about Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s(...)

Anti-Muslim Rhetoric Increasingly Rejected

Dec 16, 2017

SOURCE: THE NATIONAL BY: HANEEN DAJANI More and more Americans are rejecting the anti-Muslim rhetoric of populist politicians, a prominent(...)
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the arab & american business directory

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