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10 Arab Yogis to Follow

posted on: May 25, 2021

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By: Dani Meyer/Arab America Contributing Writer

Yoga has become increasingly popular in the Arab world. Especially with the pandemic, yoga is a great way to get your mind and body focused, relaxed, and even get an amazing workout in. Many Arab yogis are choosing to teach online, making their great classes super accessible to those of us who can’t attend their in-person classes. So here are ten Arab yogis who might start (or continue) to inspire you to get your flow on!

1. Shadana Yoga

Shadan Nassar is a Palestinian yogi who wants to make yoga accessible. She has created a comprehensive platform for anyone who wants to learn in Arabic online. Her videos are not just yoga sequences – they also explain how to breathe properly during poses and how to increase flexibility. She also prioritizes mental and emotional health in her flows. You can follow her videos on YouTube and her Instagram has lots of great inspirational poses.

2. Farah Nofal

Farah Nofal is an Egyptian yogi who does lots of great at-home yoga videos. She guides followers through all the basics, and is a great starting place for anyone who wants to try yoga for the first time. She also offers more complex flows for those who want more of an intense workout. She has lots of great videos focusing strengthening the core. She posts videos on YouTube and her Instagram is filled with beautiful pose inspiration.

3. Yoga Bil Arabi

Yoga Bil Arabi is a platform built by Palestinian Basma Masri. Her brand was built to bring together yogis from all over the Arab world who teach flows in Arabic. Through her platform, Masri is making yoga more accessible to people from all over the Arab world. Her pages are filled with different yogis teaching great flows all in Arabic! Follow her YouTube for great and easy-to-follow videos, and her Instagram for great daily inspiration.

4. Amina Taha

Amina Taha is a New York-based Egyptian yogi. She is a big name in the yoga community worldwide. She offers comprehensive courses and beautifully flexible poses. Her practice is both down-to-earth and professional, and you can clearly see why she has made such a big name for herself. You can find her courses here, and follow her on Instagram for some beautiful inspiration.

5. Lamise Mansur

Lamise Mansur is a Palestinian- and Lebanese-American who has a great platform where she combines rhythmic flows with inspiring mantras. Her feed is super bright and filled with lots of great poses to copy. She focuses on rhythmic dance and freeing the body, and tries to make the flow upbeat and exciting. You can follow her videos on Instagram.

6. Yoga Arabia

Yoga Arabia is run by Tunisian yogi Maryem Mohamed. She fills her feed with detailed guides on how to use yoga to help the parts of your body that need a little extra TLC, like your knees and back. She also offers guides for individual poses with descriptions that explain how to get the pose exactly right. You can follow her videos on YouTube and Instagram.

7. Reem Hossam

Reem Hossam is a Cairo-based yogi who posts great tutorials of otherwise intimidating poses. She posts videos that break down intimidating poses to make them seem a little easy – though practice does make perfect! You can follow her videos and tutorials on Instagram.

8. Noura El-Emam

Noura El-Emam is a Dubai-based yogi who runs Yogalates Bliss in Dubai. Her Instagram is filled with poses in incredible travel destinations, and will definitely give you some travel FOMO. She teaches several different types of yoga, and is definitely a great person to follow if you want beautiful, effortless poses.

9. Layla Al-Naif

Layla Al-Naif started practicing yoga to combat a lifelong illness and fell in love with the practice along the way. She is British-Iraqi, and inspires her followers to follow a healthy, holistic lifestyle. She likes to share how yoga helped change her life for the better through her great posts.

10. Rita Tchamitchian

Rita Tchamitchian is based in Beirut and has trained extensively in Lebanon, India, and Thailand. She has traveled all around the world to learn more about and practice yoga in different countries. Her Instagram feed is filled with beautiful Switzerland views and inspirational poses.

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