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A Valuable Experience: Sharjah Heritage Museum

posted on: Jun 8, 2022

A Valuable Experience: Sharjah Heritage Museum
Sharjah Heritage Museum

BY: Antonia Wagura / Arab America Contributing Writer

Have you ever heard of Sharjah Heritage Museum?

Welcome to the party! This article discusses the experience and value that the Sharjah Museum brings to the new generation. I took a virtual tour to discover the Sharjah heritage museum. To know what it displays and how it influences the new generation. I learned a lot, and the cultural enthusiasm was infectious.

Knuckle down, folks! The Sharjah heritage museum is in UAE. Opposite Al-Aisah Souq, next to Bait Al Nabooda and the theatrical association in the heart of Sharjah. Sharjah heritage museum was built in 2003 and opened its doors in 2005. In 2012, it was renovated and reopened in the heart of Sharjah.

Sharjah is known for its Arabic architecture and its cultural centers, where the museum is committed to researching, preserving, and delivering the culture and traditions of Arab communities. Sharjah heritage museum safeguards the past and future generations’ cultural and historical heritage.

Furthermore, the museum of Sharjah consists of artifacts, exhibits, and information that are put on display in thematic galleries. The thematic galleries include landscapes, livelihood, celebrations, oral traditions, and lifestyle galleries. It offers opportunities to engage and be a part of Emirati culture. The museum interacts through cultural and historically significant stories and memories, which include fairytales, proverbs, riddles, and music.

Sharjah heritage museum is a source of inspiration. The temporary exhibition’s gallery displays arts and crafts inspired by the heritage. The lifestyle gallery presents the way of life inclusive of traditional weddings, traditional clothing, traditional greetings, adornment, perfume, kohl, henna, jewelry, and folk arts. The oral tradition is the most interactive gallery, consisting of remarkable stories and memories passed on by spoken word from generation to generation.

What do you gain from visiting the Sharjah Heritage Museum?

One of the characteristics of the new generation is diversity in their norm. Their formative years inspired by a drastically different world have resulted in independent attitudes, facets, and perspectives. Thus, the Sharjah heritage museum plays a significant role for the new generation.

First, the Sharjah Museum gives the new generation a sense of belonging. It presents a chance and space to belong to the Sharjah community and Emirati culture. The new generation is grasping the religious values and out-turns into connectedness to a social, cultural, or group community.

Second, the museum offers lifelong learning, and it contributes to a clear understanding of history. The new generation needs to apprehend their place of origin to appreciate how far they have come. For instance, the livelihood gallery focuses on multiple activities. The activities help acquire the necessities of life, from pearl diving to service-based occupations. The noteworthiness of trade, the means used to travel, and the role women played to help contribute to the family income.

Third, the cultural geography touches on the life of the new generation. The landscape gallery tells a story of the natural environment of Sharjah. From the coasts, islands, deserts, and oases to mountains, valleys, and wadis. It is a source of delight. It passes on emotionally and intellectually moving experiences that bring people together.

Fourth, the heritage handed on showcase the fundamental truths of the founding fathers and acknowledge diversity. The social values inclusive of the Emirati hospitality, rituals based on religious beliefs, and entertainment give assurance of identity. It presents individual and community identity with a comprehensive past, present, and future.

Lastly, the cultural contribution that Sharjah Museum offers enables the new generation to acknowledge the impact people made in the past. It gives a clear understanding of how things came to be and why things are the way they are. Consequently, through the Sharjah culture, the new generation understands the value of freedom, respect, and peace.

To sum it up, it is beautiful to see the new generation embrace their culture and heritage. It is encouraging to observe the new generation enthused to learn about history and cultural identity. As mentioned above, one of the characteristics of the new generation is diversity in their norms.

Hence, it is noteworthy for the new generation to understand their heritage. It brings togetherness, offers space to belong, brings forth opportunities for lifelong learning, acknowledges efforts by the founding fathers, presents an opportunity to celebrate diversity, and is fun. The knowledge accumulated helps both the new generation and the country advance in the future.

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