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How to Make Arab Kohl

posted on: Jan 21, 2022

How to Make Arab Kohl
The traditional Arab Kohl

By: Sara Alsayed / Arab America Contributing Writer

Have you ever wondered where eyeliner originated from and how it was made? Well, the answer is simple. Eyeliner or (Kohl) was first used in Ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia as a dark line drawn around the eye. It is known for its captivating precision and its numerous benefits.

Arab Kohl is an ancient eye cosmetic first created by grinding stibnite that is found in Isfahan, Morocco, the Levant, and Yemen. It is known for its blackish silver color, and it is free from the lead element that causes severe damage to the eyes. That is what differentiates it from cheap chemically made eyeliner.

To make Arab Kohl, you will need the following ingredients:
1-A small piece of genuine Arab kohl stone (stibnite).
2-Three cloves
3-A piece of natural charcoal (the size of a small egg).
4-A grinding tool
5-A small bowl
6-A small sieve
7-A small sterile box to hold the Kohl

How to:
1-Bring the stibnite, charcoal, and clove from a reliable source to ensure that no harm will come to the eyes.
2-Prepare the grinding tools and make sure to have cleaned and sterilized them fully and correctly.
3-In the bowl, grind the previous ingredients (stibnite, charcoal, and clove) until they become a soft and powdery consistency.
4-Sift the powder more than once to ensure that no big chunks have remained to prevent it from causing any harm to the eye.
5-Keep the powder in the sterile box, and then try a small swab on your eye using Q-tips.
If your eyes feel irritated in any way, that means the powder needs more sifting. If the powder does not cause you any irritation, then your Kohl is good and ready to use.

Now, if you do not have the ingredients for the Arab Kohl, then do not worry. There are other ingredients you can use to make Arab Kohl.
If you happen to have dates in your kitchen, well, guess what! You can make Arab Kohl from the date’s kernel.

All you have to do is:
1-Get rid of the peels of the date kernel by placing it in a warm bowl and then rubbing it well.
2-Drain the date from the water and put it either in the sun or in the oven to dry.
3- Put the kernel in a frying pan on the fire until it roasts and turns black.
4-After that, it can easily break, so all you have to do is add the cloves and black pepper and stir until they are perfectly mixed.
5-As a precaution, grind the powder again and sift it.
6-Store it in a container or box
To start using Kohl on your eyelids, add two drops of castor oil, and to use it on your eyelashes, distribute it with a mascara brush.
Arab Kohl has numerous benefits. One, it can protect the eye from an infection due to containing stibnite, which effectively kills any parasite that can infect the eye. Second, it can improve eyesight, as it has natural ingredients that can purify the eye. Also, it can help in lengthening your eyelashes. In fact, it is recommended to mix pure Arabic kohl powder with a bit of olive oil and use it periodically on eyelashes and eyebrows to intensify and double their length.

So, if you ever want an alternative for chemically-made eyeliner, Arab Kohl is a wonderful substitute that will not only give you the dark sultry eye look that you desire but will also help naturally grow your eyelashes.

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