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Palestine Wins the 1st Place in a Cultural Festival

posted on: Apr 13, 2019

Palestine Wins the 1st Place in a Cultural Festival


Gaza Post-Gaza

The State of Palestine participated in the Fourth International Cultural Festival organized by the Pharaonic Village on the occasion of the 35th  anniversary of its establishment.

20 Arab and foreign embassies and cultural centers participated in the ceremony, in the presence of Media Advisor Naji al- Naji and a number of diplomatic and political figures.

Participating countries are: Palestine, Tunisia, Vietnam, Libya, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bolivia, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Hungary, Yemen, Cote d’Ivoire, Peru, India, Malaysia, Somalia and Japanese, Korean, Indian and Chinese cultural centers.

Palestinian participation included a pavilion containing various Palestinian designs and products that reflect the heritage and cultural history of the Palestinian generations.

It also included a presentation of various popular dishes, as well as a photographic exhibition that reflects the daily life in Palestine and their resistance of the Israeli occupation.

At the end of the ceremony, State of Palestine was honored for its constructive participation, whereas it won the prize for first place in the artistic teams.