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9 Muslim-majority cities that went all out for Christmas

posted on: Dec 26, 2016

By Jason Lemon

It’s beginning to look A LOT like Christmas all throughout the Middle East.

Although the overwhelming majority of the Arab world is Muslim, that definitely doesn’t mean that one of Christianity’s biggest holidays isn’t celebrated.

1. Amman’s The Boulevard development went all out with these incredible decorations

2. The shopping malls of Dubai took “deck the halls” to another level

3. As did the malls in Abu Dhabi

4. Doha didn’t want to be left out either …

Georgetown University in Qatar’s Holiday Party 🎉

A photo posted by TheDailyQ (@yourtdq) on

5. Tripoli in Lebanon made Christmas an all out festival

It’s Christmas time in #livelovetripoli by @itsmerasha

A photo posted by Live Love Tripoli (@livelove_tripoli) on

6. And Lebanon’s southern city of Tyre too

Few more days till #livelovechristmas by @asrarr_ismael #tyr #tyre #livelovetyre

A photo posted by Live Love Tyre (@livelove.tyre) on

7. Rocking around the palm Christmas trees in Cairo …

I love the concept of no religious boundaries for Xmas, Egypt I salute you.

A photo posted by Kevin Wash (@kevwas07) on

8. Here’s Damascus

9. Even the residents of Aleppo came together to celebrate